Typical lessons at The Wharf last either a half hour, or an hour, dependent upon your own preferences. These lessons can also be either weekly, or fortnightly.

We request our new students take 3 Pay As You Go lessons, to ensure they would like to continue with their chosen instrument/tutor. We then request students pay for each months worth of lessons in one payment, upon receipt of a bill issued on the first lesson of the month.

For example, a typical student taking a half hour lesson weekly, on a typical 4 week month, would receive a bill for 4 x £16.50 = £66.

30 mins — £16.50 per lesson *

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60 mins — £33 per lesson *

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* We request 24 hours notice for cancellation of a lesson. Unfortunately, should 24 hours notice not be given, this lesson will be charged for. Upon notice being given however, the lesson will be rearranged to a suitable time and “caught up”. Please feel free to contact us should you be unaware of if you are owed any “catch up” lessons, as we keep a very strict diary of them for all students.